burning of incense

burning of incense
burning of fragrant gums and spices

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • Incense — Burning incense Incense (from Latin: incendere, to burn )[1] is composed of aromatic biotic materials, which release fragrant smoke when burned. The term incense refers to the substance itself, rather than to the odor that it produces. It is used …   Wikipedia

  • burning incense — incense which has been lit to produce a fragrant odor …   English contemporary dictionary

  • INCENSE —    burning of an aromatic as an aid to WORSHIP and a symbol of PRAYER …   Concise dictionary of Religion

  • INCENSE AND PERFUMES — In the ancient world, incense and perfumes were extremely precious commodities, sometimes even more than silver and gold, and were greatly sought after for their fragrance, for both secular and religious purposes. Among the gifts the Queen of… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Incense in China — A Western Han inlaid bronze mountain censer Incense in China is traditionally used in a wide range of Chinese cultural activities including, religious ceremonies, ancestor veneration, traditional medicine, and in daily life. Known as xiang… …   Wikipedia

  • Incense clock — The incense clock (香鐘, 香钟, xiāng zhōng in Chinese) is a special timekeeping device invented in China during the Song Dynasty (960 1279) that spread to neighboring countries such as Japan. The clocks bodies are effectively specialized censers that …   Wikipedia

  • Incense of India — Indian Incense is known as agarbattī in Hindi (अगरबत्ती) (and other Indian languages). India has a rich tradition of incense making that goes back centuries. Many Indian incenses have a unique scent that is not found in any other part of the… …   Wikipedia

  • incense — in|cense1 [ˈınsens] n [U] [Date: 1200 1300; : Old French; Origin: encens, from Latin incensus, past participle of incendere to cause to start burning ] a substance which has a pleasant smell when you burn it ▪ a church filled with the smell of… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • incense burner — noun : one that burns incense; specifically : a vessel (as a stationary vase) for holding burning incense compare censer * * * incense burner, a vessel or receptacle, often highly ornamental, for holding incense when burned; censer; thurible …   Useful english dictionary

  • incense — in·cense || ɪn sens n. substance which gives of a sweet smell when burned; smoke produced by burning incense; perfume, pleasant smell; praise, flattery v. burn incense; perfume; anger, enrage, provoke, irritate …   English contemporary dictionary

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